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Vuse Alto Pods are the perfect way to enjoy Vuse Alto E-Liquid! Each pod offers a delicious taste and an easy refillable pod.  The sleek design of alto vuse provides a modern look that perfectly fits the Alto Collection, and with its clear window you can easily see your liquid level without having to take apart the pod.

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The Vuse Vibe device is a pod vape that is easily accessible to adult smokers. It is small enough to put in your pocket or purse, and has great flavor options like menthol and tobacco. The nicotine content of these cartridges is 3%. It is draw activated so there are no buttons to press.

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Nothing compares to a good, clean vape. VUSE Alto Pods offer a crisp flavor with every hit. The clear window allows you to see how much eJuice is left in your pod and prevents dry hits. Pick some of these refillable vuse alto flavors, and always be ready for the next day of adventure!

The vuse alto pods flavors are a revolutionary cigarette-style of pod system. Each pods come in a variety of flavors, which allows you to enjoy the vapor that matches your preference. Vuse alto compatible pods contain an innovative ceramic wick as well as a clear window to see your liquid level so you never have to worry about dry hits or running out of e-juice mid-session.

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Vibe is for the vaper who craves power and performance. It’s compact, sleek, and easy to use. With Vuse’s largest e-liquid tanks, you can be sure Vibe will always be ready to help you charge beyond expectations. And don’t forget your flavor tanks! Tanks are sold separately.

A compact, yet powerful upgrade to the Vuse platform. Vibe features Lithium Ion batteries in a sleek format that is comfortable to hold. The Vibe is powered by our own liquid cartridges that will keep you vaping with 3% nicotine strength. Flavor tanks are sold separately, so you can switch between Fruit Punch, Applewood, or Tobacco. Tanks hold 1.9mLs of your favorite liquid, so it’ll be ready when you need it most! . You can as well combine with polkadot chocolate bars and jeeter juice carts for the ultimate experience

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